Keloids: What They Are, How To Treat Them

Keloids: What They Are, How To Treat Them

Keloids disease:

Keloids are a disease in which the scar gets bigger and the overgrowth of scar tissue occurs. This scar is most likely to occur at the site where the injury of the skin is present. The keloids occur where the skin g affected by the vaccinations, blisters, or any harmful impacts that damage the skin. Keloids are the disorder that is present where there is no visible injury to be seen. In the disorder of Keloids, the scar is present in different forms. The scar varies from is composition and tits size. In some people, the keloids attack them very easily and affect them badly. In these people, Keloids might occur n many places of their bodies.

Recently the Keloid disease gets very common in African-Americans. Keloids scars are mostly seen in their body area like shoulders, chest, and upper back but t it is not necessary as they can occur anywhere at the body. If in a situation the keloid is connected to the injury of the sin or it might be the reason then, the keloid scar tissue will stay there for long and grow theirs. Even f the injury is recovered but the keloid sr will stay there, scar tissue will grow in the size and shape as long as it reaches is optimal size and shape. It is seen to occur more in the age group between 10 to 20, they have seen more prominently in the women with their ears pierced. It is also seen in the persons who had their heart surgery. In such patients, it is present in their breast bone.

Treatment of Keloids disease:

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 Complete solution of keloids disease:

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Results of Kleneton for treatment of keloids disease:

Before going to use any products we are always curious to know the results so the result of the Kleneton to treat the Keloid disease is present and very effective to eliminate the Keloid disease. In fewer cases, the Kleneton is not working but going to be depressed as in that case also it has no side effect. As it is manufactured for all human beings, not for individuality but it will not harm any human.




Symptoms of Keloids disease:

The keloids disease is found to occur in the places where the patients have their previous injuries but there are possibilities that the scar becomes bigger and swelled. The normal skin gets more purple swelled or dark brown with scar tissue. The patient might have a feeling of itching and uncomfortable. There is a possibility that the Keloids scar tissue is unsightly. If the keloid occurs at the skin near the joints then this keloid scar might affect and disturb the joint function and cause complications in this.

Diagnosis of Keloids disease:

The complete diagnosis of keloids is the appearance of the keloid scar at the place where there is an injury previously, that involves surgery, body piercing, or acne. Most of the cases the proper test of keloids is done in which the piece of your skin is taken and tested to find the cause of it. This technique is known as the biopsy.

Duration of Keloids disease:

Keloids is the disorder that tas the time to grow, this might grow in days r in the weeks or rare cases it takes years to grow properly. The keloids disease stops its growth completely but there is no such treatment that can finish it completely but only through kleneton it is possible to finish it permanently. Once a keloid develops, it is permanent unless removed or treated successfully. It is common for keloids that have been removed or treated to return.

Prevention of Keloids disease:

The patients that are prone to the keloid disease must stay away from any kind of cosmetic surgery as they can get keloids easily and might area problem for themselves. If the surgery is the last option for the patients to take action then the doctor s=should take the complete safety tools to minimize the effect to keloids after the surgery of the patients and make the operation if the patient is successful and safe from the keloids symptoms. There most of the preventive measures that are taken to avoid the keloid after the surgery that is; the patient or doctor should over the wound with the hypoallergenic paper tape for most of the week or months after the surgery, the patient or doctor should cover the wound with small sheets made of a silicone gel w the surgery is finished, the patient should use the corticosteroid injections or radiation treatments along with the surgery wounds when the healing period is there for the patient as it works the best with it.